"Reboot"  Jun 3, 2018  Pastor Wayne Lenderman https://vimeo.com/273238209 

"Marcus Johnson-Guest Missionary Speaker"  May 20, 2018  https://vimeo.com/271021188


"Unlikely Heroes Series"  May 13, 2018  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/269515180

"Unlikely Heroes Series"  May 6, 2018  Pastor Wayne Lenderman https://vimeo.com/268307465 

"Results or Excuses"  Apr 22, 2018  Pastor Wayne Lenderman    https://vimeo.com/266007435  

"Which Path Will You Take"  Apr 8, 2018  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/263770898

"Easter Service"  Apr 1, 2018  Pastor Wayne Lenderman https://vimeo.com/262762036 

"Israel comes to FTV"  Mar 25, 2018  Andy Cook   https://vimeo.com/261740411

"The Main Event-Series"  Mar 18, 2018  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/260670000

"The Main Event-Series"  Mar 4, 2018  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/258539924

"The Parable"  Feb 25, 2018  Dwane Gassett  https://vimeo.com/257400039

"Evil  & Suffering...Why?"  Feb 18, 2018 Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/256316372

"Who Are you Looking For?"  Feb 11, 2018 Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/255288331

"The Water is Stirring" Feb 4, 2018 Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/254223537

"The Fields are Ripe"  Jan 28, 2018 Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/253164288


"Go into the Deep Water"  Jan 21, 2018  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/252079370

"Jesus Died:  Now we Live"  Jan 14, 2018 Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/251092630

"Fall in Love all over Again"  Jan 7, 2018  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/250022671 

" God Will Take you....  "  Dec 31, 2017  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/249266419

"Merry Christmas"  Dec 24, 2017  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/248662354


"Blessed"  Dec 10, 2017  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/246694600


"The Cross had a Beginning"  Dec 3, 2017  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/245659911


"Before the Cross"  Nov 26, 2017 Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/244590146

"Can You Throw the First Stone?" Nov 19, 2017  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/243580565

"Hope is Real"  Nov 5, 2017  Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/241437201

"Blessed are the Pursecuted"  Oct 29, 2017  Pastor Wayne Lenderman https://vimeo.com/240386939 


"The Pure in Heart will see God" Oct 15, 2017  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/238323122


"Realize the Need for God"   Oct 1, 2017  Pastor Wayne Lenderman https://vimeo.com/236329527

"What's in a Name"   Sept 23, 2017  Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/235328841

"God is my Refuge"   Sept 3, 2017 Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/232281001

"It's time to rebuild our Alter" August 27, 2017  Pastor Wayne Lenderman https://vimeo.com/231304052

"Wall of Distraction: July 30, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman https://vimeo.com/227657101

"Faith Like a Child" July 23, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman https://vimeo.com/226658362

"In the Lions den"  July 16, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/225776455

"God Is.....?" July 9, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/224857671

"Father's Day" June 18, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/222126054

"You can't run from God "June 11, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman  https://vimeo.com/221172203

"Pentecost Sunday "June 4, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/220237028

"Transformers" May 28, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/219322876

"Prayer and the Power of Praise" May 21, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/218393522

"Mother's Day" May 14, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/217421984

"Stuck in a Rut" May 7, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/216434535

"Fear Factor" Apr 23, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/214421033

"Is your basket full or empty" Mar 5, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/207023764

"The Miraculous Catch of Fish" Feb 26, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/205825209

"Even If" February 19, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/204822655

"Hide and Seek" February 12, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/203742768

"What If" January 29, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/201579642

"Strength & Weaknesses" January 22, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/200764227

"Going to the Grocery Store" January 15, 2017, Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/199602675

"I was Chosen" January 8, 2017 Pastor Wayne Lenderman    https://vimeo.com/198620805

"Happy New Year" January 1, 2017 Pastor Wayne Lenderman    https://vimeo.com/197727041

"Do not be afraid series" December 11, 2016 Pastor Wayne Lenderman    https://vimeo.com/195399093

"Do not be afraid series" December 4, 2016 Pastor Wayne Lenderman    https://vimeo.com/194280471

"Josiah" November 27,2016 Pastor Wayne Lenderman    https://vimeo.com/193284281

"Guest Speaker"  November 20,2016   Pastor Tom Lawrence   https://vimeo.com/192563711

"Turn Back"   November 6, 2016    Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/190793995

"Check Your Engines"  October 30, 2016 Pastor Wayne Lenderman   https://vimeo.com/189486889

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